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Your Current Employees

At the PEI Academy of Learning, we offer flexible training processes for your employees. Our unique method of learning means that your employees can be trained or their skills upgraded during and after business hours or on weekends. And because of our consistently high standards, the return on your investment will be immediate and tangible.

Our learning approach is competency-based, and we take pride in our hands-on approach to learning. Students work with original software, instructional multimedia, and manuals that are custom-designed by industry. Your employees will be able to apply their new-found skills immediately.

There may also be Government funding to have your employees attend Academy of Learning. Training - which covers both skills upgrading and retraining - is part of the current government's mandate, both federally and provincially. Programs for sponsorship vary from province to province and from region to region. Please contact us for more information.

Need Employees?

Forget about shuffling through resumes of unqualified people - you've got better things to do.

With one phone call, the Academy of Learning can begin compiling a list of eligible graduates and students to get your positions filled. We offer the same services as an employment agency, but at no cost to you.

You could spend money on advertising, but it makes more sense to let us do the work for you. Whether you want to fill a part-time, full-time, or OJT position, we're here to help you.

All our Academy of Learning students also go on On-The-Job-Training (OJT), so you can get access to our talented students by having them OJT at your own work site.

Customized Corporate Training

Academy of Learning offers companies total flexibility and custom-designed solutions that aim to develop their workforce and optimize performance.

We recognize that no two organizations have exactly the same challenges, and thus no two organizations will need the same program.

If you are looking for Custom Corporate Training, One-Day Seminars, One-On-One Customized Instruction/Tutoring, please contact us today.